Chapter 13

Chapter 12: A Fist, A Sword, and A Gun

A Fist, A Sword, and A Gun (剣と銃の拳, Kento Jixyuuno Kobushi)is the twelfth chapter of the Takamagahara Series.

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Kumaso holding his sword, Yamato holding out his fist, and Izumo holding out his gun.


Yamato asks what is going on when the gang of student s rush them. A guy with a double hammer attacks Yamato, which he dodges. Komodo and a were tiger guy transforms. Yamato then asks why are they attacking them, which Kumaso says that there's no time to complains, and Izumo says that they doen't have a choise. The were tiger attack Kumaso but Kumaso cuts him down with the back of the sword. Komodo attacks Izumo, which Izumo dodges and fires a bullet that knocks Komodo out. Yamato dodges the hammer guy's blow and remembers what his brother Hyuuga told him once. Yamato then thinks why he came their and punches the hammer guy and sends him flying into the ceiling.

The gang of students then start to pants, which one of them says for the guy whose name start with F face Kumaso and the ones with B face Izumo. A guy the activates his Divine Gift and creates a sword make with tags and attacks Kumaso. A guy with large bowling ball then attacks Izumo. Yamato then looks at Kumaso which another guy uses his Divine Gift to dislocate joints. Izumo then says that regardless if they form a team, they still have to work together, and then start to fight back to back. Izumo then shoot the tag guy, Kumaso cut the wrench that can silocate joint in half. The guy with the bowling balls the tries to attack them, but Yamato stops him and punches him away. A guy with a nail in his mouth notice that the three don't have any weaknesses. The gang then retreats with the nail guy covering them when Kumaso tries to attack.

In the teacher's office, Kikuchi is playing chess and says that the ones that the three are all direct types and wonders how they will do against their boss who is an indirect type. He also says that one cannot reach the top with sheer might alone and that one must fight his battles strategically. When the gang return to their classroom, they tell Taiju that the guys where stronger then they thought. Emishi then tells them what Taiju said. The guys the say that they don't like it when Emishi translates for Taiju. Taiju then gets up and punches then all which Emishi says that Taiju doesn't like it when people make fun of him.

The class 1-3, Yamato thinks that he does have the ability to increase his strength and what to fine out the limits to his ability. Izumo then asks them what they are going to do. Yamato says that he is going to wait for them to return and Kumaso says that he is going to hunt them down. Yamato and Kumaso then get into an argument which Izumo tells them that they still have to fight together. They then head out and hunt the guys.