Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Beast to Gun

Beast to Gun (獣の銃を, shishi no jixyuuwo) is the tenth chapter of the Takamagahara series.

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Yamato, Kumaso, and Izumo heads are line up vertically with the word sword next to Kumaso, fist next to Yamato, a ? next to Izumo's.


While continuing to Takamagahara, Yamato thinks about how he can use his Divine Gift with his feet and not just his hands. Izumo then talks to him on how he scored his point. He then asks what is Yamato's Divine Gift's name. Yamato then asks if Divine Gift do have names, which Izumo says yes and even tells Yamato his Divine Gifts name. Kumaso then talks through Kokuhaku about how he could have won the fight, which cause Yamato and Kumaso to get into an argument, which Izumo tries to stop. Back at Yamato's School, Mizuho and Fukada both enter Yamato's class wanting to talk to him. After learning that he is not their, they wonder where he is.

When Yamato and the others reach the school, Yamato says that it looks more like a prison then a school. Kikuchi reveals that their are 12 gate that are basted on the zodia with lion bodies. Yamato notices there are a tons of people. Kikuchi reveals students can wear whatever you want as long as its base on either a gakuran or sailor suit, he also reveals that their are a bunch of wild animals around. He also tells them to not trust what they see. He even tells then to stick their neck into things and die. He then leads then to the Takeru School that he runs.

Yamato then hears a noise and notices that someone has a hostage. He then yells that he wants to go home and threaten to kill the hostage but noone pays attention. Yamato then wonders why noone is willing to save her. Kikuchi telsl him to not get involved, but Yamato asks if he is going to help her. Kikuchi tells him that a professor is not allowed to interfere with the affairs of students. Yamato then goes to try to safe the hostage but Izumo tells him that he will go save her. izumo then walks in with the food asked for. The guy then tells him to stripe but stops Izumo when he is about to take off his underwear. Izumo then hands him the food. Yamato then wonders what the guys ability is. Kikuchi then reveals some information about Izumo. Izumo then raises his arm and snaps his fingers, which causes a squirrel to fly to his hand. The squirrel turns into a gun, which shocks Yamato. Izumo then shoots then guy.

Izumo then asks is the hostage is okay, but she vanishes. The guy then reveals that he created the girl with his ability. Kikuchi then reveals that he knew what that guys ability was all along. Yamato then tells Izumo that his ability is awesome but he reveals that its just the tip of the iceburg. Kumaso then reveals he also has only reveals a portion of his ability too. Kikuchi then tells them that they never known what is going to happen their. He also reveals that Yamato, Izumo, adn Kumaso are going to be a three man squad. Then bell then bell tehn ring which he tells them to hurry up.