Emishi Chapter

Chapter 13: Emishi

Emishi (エミシ, Emishi) is the thirteenth chapter of the Takamagahara Series.

Front PageEdit

Taiju is standing over the students that he punched, with Emishi standing behind him.


Yamato, Kumaso, and Izumo are walking in the hallway. They notices that the classrooms are all empty and that its going to be hard to gather information on the other students. Yamato then starts to talk about the Divine Gift weilding gang was awesome. He also says that it was like something out if a manga. Yamato then says that maybe that someone who looks like a friggin monster is just around the corner. Emishi then comes around the corner and sees them. He thinks they looks scary and run away. He then comesback and notices that they are the team who beat the delinquents from his class. He then introduces himself and tells them the delinquents from his class are the meanist.

Emishi then takes them for coffee. While drinking coffee, Emishi tells them that not all Divine Gift are useful for battle or daily life. He also tells them that their are dull people in Takamagahara just like the mundane world. He then gives two examples of dull abilities. Like how one person can grow a super long nose hair from her right nostril, and another who can turn a whole bowl of rice deep blue. He then tells Yamato his ability and how itsonly usefull in games. Izumo says that the most important part is how you use it, and being the king of games would be pretty cool. He then gets excited and asks them what type of games that they play.

Yamato then gives him some advice on how to deal with the delinquents. Emishi then thinks that he hits someone then he will get more confidence. He asks Yamato but Yamato declines. Emishi then looks at Kumaso but Kumaso scaries him away. Izumo then says that he will take the hit. Emishi then punches Izumo, which Kumaso says is pathetic and Yamato says that he might not be able to beat Mizuho. Izumo then throws himself backwards. Emishi then thanks Izumo and that he feels more confident. Izumo then gets up and asks him about their boss. Emishi tells them that his name is Taiju Ooki and that they went to the same school before coming to Takeru School. Emishi also tells them that he is strong and that he doesn't know whatis Divine Gift is. Yamato then tell Emishi to takehim to him.

Emishi then takes Yamato, Kumaso, and Izumo to Taiju. When they arrive, some guy block the door and Emishi tell them that he was ordered to bring them their. One of the delinquents says that they will fight one-on-one. Yamato tells Kumaso and Izumo that they have had plenty of combat training and that he will fight him. The delinquents tell them when Yamato loses, they will cut their hair short like their and put lines him them. Kumaso and Izumo tell Yamato to not to lose. When the fight begins, both Yamato and Taiju get up and fight. Yamato wonders what Taiju's Divine Gift is but realizes that he needs to first find out what his Gift is. Yamato then wonders what this sensation he is feeling is. Taiju then disappears and punches Yamato from behind. Yamato notices that their is something wrong and decides to back off. Yamato sends himself flying into a wall. Yamato realizes that he used to much power. Kumaso and Izumo both yells at Yamato for not listening to their advise. He also thinks the word sound.