Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Joystigmata

Joystigmata (喜びの聖痕, Yorokobi no Hijirikon) is the fifteenth chapter of the Takamagahara series.

Front PageEdit

Yamato is preparing to strike with his left hand extended forward and his right hand behind him producing black flames.


Outside the Takeru School, clouds are gathering above the school. The students outside wonder what is going on. Inside the school, Yamato punches Taiju and sends him through five walls and lands outside. Kumaso then cuts Emishi's sleeve revealing a weird mark. Kumaso then demands an explination which Emishi tell him how Taiju used to pick on him. Emishi also explains how both his and Taiju's Divine Gifts where awakened. Emishi then explains explains his Divine Gift and how he took over the class after Kikuchi brought him and Taiju the school. Emishi also says that he used Taiju gift to steal his voice like Taiju did to him.

Emishi then reveals a second controller and takes control of Izumo. Emishi then has Izumo fire at Yamato but Kumaso blocks it. Emishi then has Izumo fire a barrage of bullets at Kumaso but Kumaso blocks then all at point blank. Emishi want Izumo to fire more but nothing happen. Izumo then explains his ability to him. Emishi then tries to get the other student to attack them but they decide to attack him instead. Taiju then shows up and blocks all the attacks. Taiju then apologizes to Emishi for making Emishi obey him, which Emishi thanks him and apologizes.

Yamato then thinks about fighting an indirect opponent. Emishi then asks why Taiju is alright, which Taiju says it because of Yamato's Divine Gift. Taiju then tells Yamato that they will follow him now. Yamato decline but they thinks that he just had a wide heart. Yamato then asks for the chouran, Emishi says that they don't have it. Emishi also explains that from above, the Takeru School has four tower and that each tower is controlled by a boss who has the chouran. Kikuchi then walksin a tell them that conquering the wasn't going to be easy.