Kaneda (金田, Kaneda) is the boyfriend of the girl Doumoto was hitting on.


Kaneda was a person with a large build body. He black hair that was shaved on the side and back of his head. he has thin eyebrow, with a mustache and a goatee. He wears a jogging suit and no shirt under it.


Kaneda is a person who doesn't like it when someone hits on his girl and is will to hurt them for doing it.


Introduction ArcEdit

When Doumoto was hitting on his girl, Kaneda showed up before the could head someone to sit. Kaneda then gets angry when Doumoto tells him that she has the right to choose for herself and that everyone has the right to get the girl. Kaneda then brings him to his hang-out. When Doumoto says that he can handle ten of them, kaneda tells him that he doesn't nedd any help pounding his face in. Kaneda then tries to punch Doumoto but Doumoto grabs his wrist. Kaneda then had his blood drain and was killed.


Kaneda has some strength because of his muscles but was kills before he could use any.


  • Kaneda is one of the four character who only has one name the other being Kikuchi, Inaba, and Kumaso.