Kaneda Girlfriend

Kaneda's Girlfriend

This girls is the girlfriend of Kaneda. He also attends St. Erects Girl's Academy.


This girl is a skinny teenage girl. She has light colored hair that extends past her shoulders, thin eyebrows, dark eyes, and a small nose. She wears a St. Erects Girl's Academy girl's uniform.


She is a girl who likes handsome guys or musclier guys.


Introduction ArcEdit

She meets Doumoto Hitoshi outside St. Erects Girl's Academy. They start to have a chat, which she becomes flustered and easily forgot his name. He then tries to take her to sit down but Kaneda shows up. She then listens as Hitoshi says that she has the right to choose and is shocked when she hears this. She then accompanies Kaneda and Hitoshi to Kaneda's place. She then watches Hitoshi drains everyones blood and becomes bigger. She then becomes scaried and calls him a monster. She calls for help when Hitoshi grabs her. She then has he blood drained and dies.