Kumaso (くまそ, Kumaso) is a person who has awakened his Divine Gift and is a new student at Takamagahara. He has a sword named Kokuhaku, which appears to talk with Kumaso using ventriloquism. He is also named Yatagarasu, due to his reputation of defeating myraid gods.


Kumaso is an average height teen. He has black brush back hair with some hanging in his face and some stuck up in the back. He also has thin eyebrows and thin eyes which he mostly keeps closed. He wears a black jacket over his shoulders, He also wears a black uniform, and clogs.


Kumaso is a calm person. He is silence most of the time but when he talks he gets straight to the point. He has quite a brash personality while using ventriloquism to talk using his sword.


Before working for Kikuchi, Kumaso had already hunt 12 other individuals who had been swallowed by their fate. He had also became known as Yatagarasu.


Introduction ArcEdit

Kumaso first appeared with Kikuchi and Izumo as they watch Yamato fight Hitoshi.

Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

When Kikuchi asks if Yamato is a man worthy of living in the Age of Myth. Kumaso replies that he is one of the myriad gods who has awakened to a Divine God. He also says that if Yamato cannot be used as a hunter, then he will cut him down.

Later when Kikuchi brings Yamato to Takamagahara, Kakuhaku tells Yamato to get his ass to Takamagahara. Kumaso tells his sword to be quiet and hits it against the floor. Kikuchi then introduces Kumaso and Izumo to Yamato. Afterward Kumaso and the rest start to walk to Takamagahara. When Kikuchi tells Yamato that he has to choose to fight either Kumaso or Izumo for his entrance exam, Kumaso steps forward saying that he will face him. They then enter a torii to a shrine where he and Yamato will fight.

Kumaso then explains to Yamato that he will defeat him while remaining on top of a flat rock. If Yamato can get him off the rock then Yamato win but if he cuts Yamato then Kumaso wins. Kumaso then draw Kokuhaku and draws up the blade. He then swings the sword releasing a slash of shadow, but Yamato dodges it and it cuts a tree. He then releases more slashes while Kokuhaku continues to talks. Yamato then asks if he has been swallowed up by his fate, he tells him that he is using ventriloquism to make the sword talk. When Yamato looks at the sun, he uses Kokuhaku to says that he is not powerless when the sun sets. Yamato then throws a tree at him but Kumaso cuts it in half giving Yamato a change to deliver a punch. Kumaso then tries to cut him but Kikuchi stops him. Kumaso then asks why he stopped him, which Kikuchi tells him to look down. He notices that Yamato has moved the rock and excepts the fact that Yamato has earned the point.

After the fight, Kumaso continues to Takamagahara with the others. When Yamato and Izumo start talking, Kumaso interupts them saying that he would've won the fight. He and Yamato then get into an argument, which Izumo tries to stop. After reaching the entrance, Kumaso enters Takamagahara with the rest. Inside Kikuchi reveals some important information to them. When some guy takes a hostage, Kumaso tries to stop Yamato from interfering. When Izumo heads in, Kumaso is more interested in what the hostages ability is and can it help her escape. After the event, Kumaso seems calm when Kikuchi reveals that they are going to be a three man squad. When the bell rings, Kumaso and the rest head to Kikuchi's school.

Kumaso then finally reaches the school with the rest, they head inside. After getting inside, he sees two guys fighting (One that can turn into a were komodo dragon and a guy with a sword). Kumaso calls it boring when Yamato says that its just like a fight in a movie. After the guys stop fighting, Kumaso is shocked when Kikuchi tells them to shut down the school. When Yamato yells at Kikuchi, Kumaso tell him to learn from experience. Kumaso then heads to his classroom after Kikuchi is finished talking to them. While in the classroom, Yamato asks him if he is their to train too. Kumaso tells him that their is a reason for his to train and that he doesn't plan to stop now.

When the others students come to say hello, Kumaso along with Yamato and Izumo get up and prepares to fight. He is then attacked by a were tiger, which he uses the back of his sword to knock him unconscious. When the gang regroups, Kikuchi is attacks by a guy who created a sword with tags. When Izumo says that they have to fight together, He along with the others decide to fight back to back. Kumaso then takes out a guy who can dislocate joint. When the gang retreats, Kumaso tries to follow but is stopped by one of them. Kumaso then gets into an argument with Yamato when he wants to go hunt them. He then leaves with Yamato and Izumo when Izumo says that they have to work as a team.

While walking in the hallway with Yamato and Izumo, he comes across Emishi. Emishi ask is they are the team that defeated the delinquents, which says that they aren't a team. He then follows Emishi when then go get coffee. When Emishi wants to increase his confidence, Kumaso yells at him saying if he wants to get cut in half. When Emishi punches Izumo, he says that the punch was pathetic. He is then brought the room where Emishi's boss Taiju is. He then tells Yamato not to lose against Taiju. He then yells at Yamato giving his advice. When Yamato backs off, Kumaso asks if he has wax in his ears.

He then tellsIzumo that their is no sound around Yamato and Taiju. He then points his sword at Emishi and reveals that he can read lips. He then cuts Emishi sleeve after Yamato beats Taiju. He then tells Emishi to explain himself which he does. He then blocks Izumo's bullet when Izumo is controlled by Emishi. He is then shocked when Emishi tells them that the chouran's belong to the four bosses of the Takeru School.


Divine GiftEdit


Kumaso's Divine gift's adeptly named Yatagarasu, what it does is collect shadows into the whole of his blade which he can unleash as large black stream-slash motions which enable him to cut objects at a distance using an extended shadow. After much time and practice he learned to take the shadows within any light source and use it for a similar flare in the event stand alone shadows aren't present. 


  • Kumaso is one of the four character who only has one name the other being Kikuchi, Inaba, and Kaneda.