Mizuho Tayama (みずほ田山, Mizuho Tayama) is a friend and next door neighbor to Yamato. She also desires to be the strongest girl.


Mizuho is an average height girl who is little shorter then Yamato, with black hair. She has a plain looking face. She usually wears her school uniform (Even on days that she doesn't have school), which consists of a white shirt, a blue jacket with the school's crest on the left side, and a skirt. She also wears black shoes with knee heigh socks.


Mizuho is a cheerful and determend. He doesn't care about studying, being pretty, or playing, she only desires to be the strongest girl. She is willing to bug and hit Yamato when he doesn't what to fight her. She also has a habit of saying Nyoiitss when she punches.


When Mizuho was young Yamato protected her from a giant dog, that event what caused her to want to become strong. Later, when Mizuho was in her third year of middle school, she enter a martial arts tournament but screws up and losts to a girl in third grade.


Introduction ArcEdit

Mizuho enters the Yamato's home wanting to fight him. She is then greeted by the other Yamato brothers. Yamato then talks to her rudely on why she dressed in her uniform. She then asks how he can talk to someone who's older them him so rudely. Yamato then yells saying that she born a little before him. She then asks him to train with her but he declines saying that he has to work on manga. She then calls him a coward, which he says that she can't beat him. Mizuho then attacks him repeatly but it doesn't nothing. Yamato then tells her that being stronger is not her but she tells him to shut up. Mizuho the expresses her desire to be the strongest girl and even win the All-Japan Woman's Martial Arts Tournament. Yamato then tells her how she lost a torunament in her third year of middle school. Hyuuga then gets the mitts but Mizuho decline saying that she has club activaty. Musashi then warns her about a guy attacking women. Mizuho says that she will just kick their ass but all the brothers tell her that its impossible for her. She then leave for her club.

Later Mizuho is spotted by Doumoto Hitoshi, who find her interesting. After her club activates, Mizuho heads to the hospital with Yamato. When Yamato asks her why she is going, she tells him that she has something to do and tells him to slow down when he walks faster. She then tells Yamato that she heard that he beat Fukakyon and even rebuild their organization into one shaped to seize everything under the heaven, which Yamato denies. They then arrive at the hospital. She then walks into the room Fukada and his followers are healing in. When Yamato asks why she is their, she tells him that they are classmates. She then pulls out some DVDs and hands then to Fukada so that they won't be bored. Then when Fukada how she and Yamato now each other, she tells him that they are childhood firends. She also tells him that Yamato was much stronger when he was younger. She is then shock when Fukada says that she is now their Big Sis. When she going to pick flowers, Hitoahi appears before her asking if she is visiting someone. She says yes and ask if he is visiting someone too. When he tells her that his family own the hospital, she is shocked. When Hitoshi start to talk to her, she tells him that he has a way with words and tells him that that she has to go. When he tries to hit on her, she declines and tells him that she don't appreciate guys hitting on her. When he tries harder, she wishes Yamato would hurry up and help her.

When Hitoshi grabs her and tells her that he won't give up until she gives him a chance. She then tells him that she will have to show him that strength of her murderous fist. Yamato then shows up grabbing Hitoshi's arm, saying that her fists aren't strong enough to do anything. When Yamato and Hitoshi start fighting, she is shocked when Yamato is push back and hits the wall. After Yamato gets up and punches Hitoshi, Mizuho asks why has Yamato's uniform changed and why is his hair spikey like is was when he was younger. When Hitoshi drains more blood, Mizuho calls him a monster. Hitoshi then tells her that he is not a monster and that he will drain her blood, which Yamato tells her to run. Mizuho then drops tothe floor and telsl him that she can't move her legs. She then watches as Yamato and Hitoshi continue fighting. When Yamato wins the fight, Mizuho tells him that she has remembered the time when he protected her from a giant dog and decided to become strong. She then ask if he is listening but he is asleep.

Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

The next day, Mizuho heads to Yamato's class to talk to him. She then sees Fukada in the class and yells at him when he calls her big sis. When she learns that Yamato isn't their, she wonders where he is.


Mizuho is very weak. When she tries to punch Yamato, it does nothing.

Divine GiftEdit

Yin & Yang inversionEdit

Mizuho's Divine Gift allows for the swapping of yin and yang, light and darkness; ect. Her gift, initailly coming off as a weak gift allows her to change from a girl into a boy namely switching chromasomes. But a YOMI character as well as yomi's leader Inazami believe that her gift ability could possibly blur the boundry's between the living world and the land of the dead, switching the two's parallel's making one into the other and vice versa.