Sazabii (サザビー, Sazabii) is another squirrel partnered Izumo. Izumo can turn Sazabii int


o a gun and can even fire bullets.


Izumo is a big squirrel with dark fur on his back and white fur on his face and stomach. He had small ear and sharp like eyes with white pupil. He also has sharp teeth. He also has black claws. He also has the Yin-Yang symbal on his back.


Sazabii has a habit of smiling and also sitting on Izumo's shoulder. He also seems proud of what he is capable of. He also has a habit of Musa. He also has a habit of mimicing Izumo's moves.


Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

Sazabii first appeared looking at Izumo, Yamato, Kumaso, and Kikuchi. He then follows them after they enter Takamagahara. Later when Izumo confronts a guy holding a hostage, Sazabii flies to Izumo hand when he snaps his fingers. Sazabii then turns into a gun which izumo uses to fire a bullet at the guy. Sazabii then turns back and is introduced to Yamato. He then accompanies Izumo as they head to Takeru School.

After arriving at the school, Sazabii ramains on Izumo shoulder as they enter the school. When Kikuchi gives Yamato, Izumo,and Kumaso their first lesson, he is shocked to hear that its to destroy the school. When then remains on Izumo's shoulder as head to class 1-3. While in the class, Sazabii eats some food that Izumo gives. He then prepares to fight when other student rushes at Yamato, Izumo and Kumaso. He is then shocked when how many rushes them. He is then turned into a gun to fight the gang with Izumo. After the fight, Sazabii is turned backed and draped over Izumo's shoulder. He then leaves with Izumo along with the others.

He stays on Izumo's shoulder when the meet up with Emishi. He accompanies Izumo went to go get coffee. He then does with the rest to Emishi's classroom to fight Taiju. Sazabii is then turned into a gun after Yamato beats Taiju. He is used to fire on Yamato and Kumaso until he runs out. He then turns back into a squirrel and eats more nutrients. He then return to Izumo shoulder.


Sazabii has the ability to glidar for a short distance.