Taiju Ooki (泰樹大木, Yasuki Taiboku) is a student at Takamagahara. He attends the Takeru School entrusted by Kikuchi.


Taiju has a dominated appearance he is very tall and muscular-build male student, he has square-shaped jaw frame, no eyebrows, shadows around his eyes a large-wide nose and short dark-colored hair. He wears a dark-colored gakuran and has a big rope around his shoulders with three tessels attached on it. When he fights someone, he wraps the rope around his hands.

When Taiju was back in the real world, He still had the large and facial appearance but wore a white short sleeve, button down shirt with black pants.


Taiju is very intimidating towards people, with silent nature and looking with a angry expression. When Taiju talks he speaks in "....." which is understandable by Emisee. He also doesn't like it when someone makes fun of Emisee and is will to hurt people when they do. His silent nature and protective nature to Emishi are false, as Emishi had taken control of him and uses his own Divine Gift to silent himself. He does feels sorry for using Emishi as he apologizes to him and protects Emishi when the other classmates attack him.


Taiju had forced Emishi to do what ever he wanted. One day, Emishi had punched him in the face, and he became enraged and attacked Emishi. His Divine Gift had awoken and he silenced Emishi so that he couldn't call for help, but Emishi's Divine Gift awokened and Emishi took control of him. Kikuchi then appeared before them and took them to Takamagahara.


Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

Taiju was asked by one of the students what to do with the newcomers at Takeru School. Taiju tried to tell them, but they couldn't understand him and they order Emisee to translate Taiju's ".....". Taiju tells Emisee that if they do not come to them, that they should go and greet them. When the come back after retreating, Taiju says that they are a bunch of weaklings, which Emisee translate. When the guys talk about Emisee, Taiju gets up a punches them all. He then waits as Emishi goes and bring them to him.

Later when Emishi bring Yamato, Kumaso, and Izumo to him, he watches them as Yamato says that he will fight him. When the fight begins, He gets up and wraps the shimenawa around his hands. He then moves fast and repeatedly punches Yamato until Yamato escapes. When Yamato gets back on his feet, Taiju punches Yamato while he is disstracted. When Yamato tries to attack Emishi, Taiju attacks him when Yamato drops his guard. He then uses Anechoic Chamber, Release on Yamato. Then when Kumaso stops Emishi, Taiju is punched through a few walls and lands outside.

He then gets up and protects Emishi when the other classmates attack him. He then apologizes to Emishi for forcing to obey and explains that now he understands how he felt. Emishi then thanks and apologizes to him. When Emishi asks what he is okay, Taiju says that its thanks to Yamato's ability. He then knees to Yamato and pledge their service but Yamato declines.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Taiju is an incrediable fighter. He has shown to move fast and knock people out with one punch. Taiju's speed and flexabiliy turns out to be false as hewas being controlled by Emishi.

Anechoic ChamberEdit

Being a student at Takagahamara, he has a Divine Gift. His Divine Gift is the ability to arbitrarily silence all sound within a 5-meter radius, which makes it feel like to be in a soundproof room. It has also another ability of all the sound he has absorbed, and release them as attacking waves.

  • Anechoic Chamber, Release: Taiju releases a barrage of sound that overwelms his opponent and that people around him.