This is the Takamagahara Wiki manual of style page. Please follow this policy to create any article pages at the way we want them to have.

Sections Edit

Characters Edit

  • main – The general introduction a character page to begin with.
  • History – The past/history/events that happens of/to the character.
  • Personality – The personality of the character.
  • Appearance – The appearance of a character, about what he is wearing, his hair style, his color of hair or eyes.
  • Plot Outline – Arc sections, that should be written in headers like this:
    • Some Arc
      • note: Do also remembers, under the Arc header, we also placing the {{Main}} template.
  • Trivia – Facts about the character that cannot be inserted in the page sections.
  • Quotes – Characters that shootout important sayings, towards others or regular.
  • References – Source of where the information got tagged by <ref></ref> tags. This section must be insterted like this: <small><references /></small>.

Important Notes Edit

  • Do not add any "font family spans" or spans that makes the letters more clearer. The reason is that it is hard for newcomers to edit the article pages that they love to edit, and so doing it, is just ruining it for them.
  • Do not leave the page blank or make any minor editing, the pages that you have created will be deleted.
  • Do not create a fan page or article pages containing fan images.
  • Do not create a gallery in each article pages.
  • Do not create a gallery page to show of images of a certain character of etc.

Writing Style Edit

  • Articles should be written in British English, not US English.
  • Articles should be written in past-tense, not present or future tense.
  • We do not add "In Chapter ?? was said that", we are referencing the event.
  • We also doesn't add literally texts coming from the manga itself, that makes the pages more childish instead of serious or complex.

Wikitext Style Edit

  • Do not make links like: [[main protagonist|main protagonist]] or [[Main protagonist|main protagonist]], make redirect links pages.
  • Do not bypass redirects as like [[main protagonist|main protagonist]] just only [[main protagonist]].

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