This is the Takamagahara Wiki policy page. Please follow the rules to prevent banning from this wiki and help us ordering this wiki in a good way.

General Rules

  • Do not add any info or images coming from a spoiler website. Some visitors or editors has the patient to wait for the full release of the manga. Please do not spoil this for them, continuing will be resulting in a block.
  • Do not add any "span" or "font family" in the article pages.
  • Respect contributors and their edits.
  • Do not attack each other through talk pages, continuing will end in a block for both party.
  • Do not harm any article pages around this wiki.
  • Do not minor edit.
  • Do not write any loving or anything shameful in the character talk pages.
  • Do not create a page and leave it blank.
    • Do not create a page with only one line.
    • Do not create a fan or hentai page, this page will be deleted and end in a block of the one who create and editing it.
  • Do not add false information in the article pages.
  • Do not ask an administrator to unlock the page that has been locked, read through history and figure out the reason why it's blocked.
  • Do not advertise in any article pages.
  • Do not make your own will of editing.
  • No offensive articles with sexual, vulgar language, or racist remarks.
  • Please, no assumptions or speculation.
  • Do not attack another contributor in any talk pages of the article pages.
  • Please don't start Edit wars. If you and another user can't agree on a point, take it into their talk page. If an edit war continues, there's a high chance the page will be protected.

Things that you must never do

  • Do not ask the administrator from where the mediawiki codes or templates comes from.
  • Do not copy the entire design from this wiki.
  • Do not edit any templates.
  • Do not ask a administrator to lock a certain page you love to edit.
  • Do not talk rude and obeying to the administrator, this will result in a block.
  • Do not edit user pages.
  • Do not create a page and leave it uncategorized.

Stealing content

  • Do not take content from wikipedia, evenly that there is a wikipedia tag at this wiki. This wiki is true to it's own source of information.
  • Do not take templates from other wiki's, evenly with their permission.
  • Do not copy contents from other wikia's and create them right here.


  • This wikia doesn't accept anyone with a potty mouth or thinks that they are better. You will get banned directly!!

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