Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Divine Blood Resting Within You

The Divine Blood Resting Within You (あなたの内に安静時神の血, anata no uchini anseiji shinno chi) is the sixth chapter of the Takamagahara manga series.

Front PageEdit

Mizuho is walking with a friend while Hitoshi's eyes and smileis right behind them.


Yamato and Mizuho are heading to the hospital. Yamato ask why she is following him. Mizuho tells him that she things to take care at the hospital. Yamato then walks faster and Mizuho tells him to not walk fast. Mizuho then tells Yamato that she heard that he beat Fukakyon and organized his gang into one shaped to seize everything under the heaven. Yamato tells her that it was nothing like that. Yamato and Mizuho then arrive at the hospital, while being followed by someone.

In the hospital, Yamato gives Fukada some bananas which he is greatful for. Yamato then asks how he is doing. Fukada tells him that he is perfect but he can't believe he got cut up badly by a random slasher. Yamato thinks how no one remembers about Oruha's Divine Gift and that someone may have modified their memories. Mizuho then enters which Fukada calls her Tayama. Yamato ask what she is doing their. Mizuho tells him that she is their to meet Fukada and that their classmates. Yamato is shocked and Fukada tells him that Mizuho talks to guys like them and that they've gotten really close. Yamato then says that Fukada is his senpai, but Fukada says that its doesn't matter and that he was born early so their are the same age. Mizuho then pulls out some DVDs saying that these should cheer them up from being boring, which Fukada agrees. Fukada then asks how she can talk casually with Yamato. Mizuho tells him that they have been friend since they were little. Fukada is shocked that they are childhood friends. Mizuho as tells him that Yamato was alot stronger when he was younger. Fukada then yells that Mizuho is now their big sis, which he is now told to quiet down.

Later on, Mizuho is walks with a vase saying that every one of them is an idiot. While filling up that vase, Doumoto appears asking if she is visiting someone. Mizuho says yes, and asks if he is visiting someone. Doumoto tells her that his family owns the hospital. He also tells her that he say her walking outside and wanted to talk to her. He also says that he did believe in fate but now he might believe because of this. Mizuho then tells him that she has to go. Doumoto then tries to treat her to some sweats but Mizuho tells him that she doesn't like guys hitting on her and walks away. Doumoto gets a nose bleed and tries harder to go on a date with her. Mizuho then wishesto Yamato to come and help her.

Back at the room, Yamato says that Mizuho is late. Fukada tells him that she went to pick flowers. Yamato then tells him that he's heading off. Fukada says that hesays that but he is heading to find Mizuho, which Yamato denises it. While walking, Yamato wonders what Kikuchi said to him. Outside the hospital, Kikuchi is their with two other Takamagahara meets (One with a sword and One with a squirrel on his shoulder). Kikuchi then tells them to go and hunt Yamato.

Elsewhere, Doumoto grabs Mizuho and tells her to give him one chance and that he won't give up until she does. Mizuho then tells him that she will show him the strength of her murderous fist. Yamato then shows up and says that her fists can't do anything. Doumoto then asks who he is, which Yamato says that they are childhood friends. Doumoto says that he is one of the Yamada Brothers and starts talking talking boxing and strength. She also says that is he is facing one of the Yamato Brothers then he needs to prepare. He then inlarges his arm by drain a someone of their blood. Doumoto then punches Yamato but Yamato blocks it. Yamato notices that his arm is heavy and is pushed back into a wall. Mizuho yells to Yamato. When the smoke clears Yamato appears in his Takamagahara outfit and says Doumoto has awoken to his Divine Gift too.