Yagi (八木, Hachiboku) is a student a Yamato's Sch


ool. He is also the ace of the baseball club.


Yagi is an average hieght skinny teen. He has shoert light colored hair, thin eyebrows, sharp like eyes, and a square jaw frame. Yagi wears a a dark colored jersey with light colored lines reaching from the shoulder down the arms, and a T on the left side of the chest. He also wears a t-shirt under his jersey.


Yagi is a calm person. He is also confident is his skills. he will worry when he slips up and through a baseball at Yamato's head by accident.


Introduction ArcEdit

Yagi is first appeared during PE as the relief pitcher for his team. When Yamato looks away, Yagi pitches the ball with all he got so that he won't lose his lunch. He then notices that he slipped up and throw the ball at Yamato's head. He is then shocked that the ball disappeared after Yamato hit it.


Yagi is a talented baseball player that he has been scouted for the pros.